A furry question

Posted on 26 August 2016

'What did you say, honey?'

'I said, "You look gorgeous!"'

'Oh, stahp it, you!'

'Here have my fur coat.'

Well that was random. Moving on! Before everyone loses their minds about fur, we didn't actual plan to capture fur in this shoot. For the record, it's vintage. Also for the record, we don't excuse the outrageous prorcesses taken to obtain fur just because it happened in the past. It does continue to happen today and more often than not, it's done under extremely questionable circumstances.

But this raises further questions (see what I did there?) around animal rights in general from consumption and experimentation to other forms of exploitation. Have you ever thought about your stance on animal rights? I hadn't fully considered my own stance so I read this article from PETA. I'm still pretty confused because I do believe that cattle is for farming and for consumption, but I also believe that we consume far too much than is necessary (in general, not just meat!) and I also don't believe that animals should be skinned and especially bred and abused for their fur. I also wear leather and from past research have found faux fur is actually worse for the environment than real fur! I wouldn't blame you for being confused about this whole issue because I certainly am. At the end of the day, it's important to know where you stand and why you hold that stance not just about this issue, but every issue because ignorance is most certainly not bliss.

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