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Posted on 07 June 2019

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Molly is one of those people I want to be when I grow up. She’s a human rights advocate, environmentalist, small business owner and blogger in amongst being a cat mom, a sister, daughter and partner.

I’ve never met Molly in person. We’re e-friends, connected through our mutual love for ethical threads and trying to keep plants alive. It’s a small world and it gets progressively smaller when fair fashion is close to the top of your priorities. I’ve formed a gal pal bond with several ladies in the industry now, sharing our desire to eradicate the bad stuff and actively endorse the good for the sake of people and the planet. (P.s if that’s you feel free to join our conversations at @mfarai and @theothelabel )

Meet Molly (in Theo of course!)

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I feel so encouraged each time Theo is mentioned on Facebook, Instagram or in any conversation, and Molly has been one to genuinely support me consistently in such a way. While influencer marketing has a legitimate seat at the business table, it’s still something I’m reluctant to navigate. I’m the kind of person who says ‘ooh that’s SO cool’ to every new eco product I scroll past, but actually handing over my cash is a very different story. Give me a freebie and I’ll happily let people know about it. Give me a freebie AND cash for telling people about it? I’d be stupid to turn you down. Cue influencer marketing ethics conundrum - can you genuinely promote a product if you’re being paid to promote it? I’m still not sure which is why I’ve yet to pay or gift an influencer to wear Theo.

Molly top to toe in Theo piecesIMAGE Molly in Theo

Cue Molly. Despite having a few thousand loyal followers on the Instas, Molly has purchased Theo pieces with her own hard-earned cashola and happily posted stories and images without any prompts, payment or promises, much like many of you wonderful Theo Tribers! (Thanks a TRILLION by the way!) Molly has purchased Theo several times, all without any partnership or sponsorship, purely because she walks the talk, and that is pretty much what it comes down to in being a good person. Action beats intention every bloody time and if there weren’t so many of us (myself included - I can be the Queen of intention!) getting caught up in why governments are failing us, why there’s so much plastic in the sea, why gender inequality still exists (boy, that one works me up), and instead focussed on each small change within our immediate grasp and control - the world would already be a better place.

Molly (wearing Theo, of course) visits our store with Sam from EcomonoIMAGE Molly visits Theo store

I recently spent a few days sick in bed and naturally whipped out Netflix to help pass the unproductive hours. I found myself watching a comedic drama where the main character, Eleanor, finds herself in the Good Place, a ‘heaven’ of sorts, reserved for select few who have contributed significantly during their time on earth. She confesses in secret that there has definitely been a mistake because she’ll be the first to admit what a shit person she was on earth and the storyline follows her keeping the secret for fear of being sent to The Bad Place. Every now and then we’re shown reflections of Eleanor’s time on earth, skits of how she tackled everyday life with an unabashed selfish agenda, and while these are admittedly the most humorous parts of the show they hit uncomfortably close to home. Human nature is selfish and well, that includes me.

I’m probably not the first to reflect on my own afterlife since watching the show, entertaining thoughts of heaven and hell, and other light-hearted topics such as purpose, contribution and well, the meaning of life, but before the train is well and truly off the rails I try to cool my jets. I remind myself to just walk the talk. No sideline coaching, backseat driving or pointing fingers at every other person doing things wrong. Action over intention. What would the world look like if I lived out the morals I hold dear instead of being obsessed with the image I desperately want to create? What would relationships look like if I weren’t so busy being proud, time poor and ignorant of other’s needs? What jobs would I be working if I weren’t so occupied with a mortgage, setting myself up for a comfortable retirement, or making the excuse that it’s all for my future kids? (Poor souls.)

Queen Molly pairing Theo with other sustainable brandsIMAGE Molly in Theo

Again, cue Molly. Sometimes I feel like I’m waiting around for someone else to fix all the bad stuff in the world, and perhaps I just need a semi-forceful hit of realisation to pull my head in. Perhaps you do too!

Human rights advocate, environmentalist, small business owner and blogger titles don’t simply fall in ones lap, they are responsibilities we decide to give ourselves and choose to dedicate significant portions of our lives to.

They are purposeful contributions that matter more than accumulating wealth, portraying an image and certainly more than just going through the motions day in and day out. I’ll admit it’s not always white and black, but the certainty of our days being numbered definitely helps to clear the grey. Action over intention, one small change, and suddenly changing the world is within our grasp and control - your grasp and control!

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