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Posted on 24 September 2017

I'm not a huge jewellery person so when I do gravitate toward something shiny it's normally not that shiny! 'JACK by Sam' pieces are just that, being minimal in design, made in Melbourne and meeting that beautiful balance between neutral and statement. All pieces are made by Samantha, an interior designer from South Yarra, Victoria, who shares her journey so far as a friend of Theo!

In a nutshell I grew up on the Mornington Peninsula with British parents who made the permanent move to Australia in the 70's when they were just 18 years old. As a family (mum, dad, older brother and myself) we moved houses and schools 4 times, I settled into The Peninsula School for the most part. Studying Interior Design at RMIT I made the move to a city lifestyle residing in South Yarra!

On business Interior Design and the design studios I have worked in [have led to my business]. Endless inspiration and resources at my fingertips have allowed me to JACK - it's something I can control creatively end to end and see the satisfaction of people buying, wearing and enjoying my design.

A typical weekday is very varied! Usually I dedicate 1 day a week to making, a lot of time on admin, marketing and design! Also, can't forget a visit to the market, boxing sessions and yoga and hanging out with friends, usually over a great dinner or post workout feed!

Your personal instagram feed? People, nature and design - all meticulously curated of course ;)

A favourite childhood memory? Little Athletics. I competed from age 4 to 18 so it was a big part of my life. [Esther: I did Little Aths too! But I wasn't so little. Like, 15. So that's sort of awkward because I wasn't little enough to be a cute child doing her best at athletics but not quite good enough to be taken seriously... Hm. Probably not such a favourite childhood memory of mine!]

A difficult lesson to learn?

 Prioritising the important aspects in your life to maintain balance. Its still a work in progress.

One small act you believe can change the world? Not eating processed and packaged food! [Esther: Excluding honey soy chips, right? I feel they are a staple part of any balanced diet. Amiright? Only joking, processed and packaged foods are a much bigger problem than we give credit to! The obesity epidemic is a real thang, as is the stupidity in the amount of preservatives and plastic used to sell food full stop. (Double full stop?)]

JACK by Sam original U-bar necklaces can be found at Theo's store at South Melbourne Market, with more pieces to come soon we hope! They are available in a variety of materials such as copper, timber and polymer clay and colour ways that gel far too easily with Theo clothing for my liking...

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All images by JACK by Sam.

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