No Discounts For Dad

Posted on 27 August 2017

The calendar is telling us to celebrate fathers on Sunday but we all know that should be a regular occurance! Most stores will be dishing out 'Discounts for Dad' left, right and centre with flashing signs and shouting voices on the radio all telling you to purchase the latest car accessories, tools or socks for dad and to 'really spoilt him this Father's Day!'. That's just not how we roll. There are two things I want to cover in this post and the first is not to rush out and impulse buy a Father's Day gift. The second is what you could do instead.

There's nothing more frustrating than buying something and seeing it on sale the following week. Special occasions and events are just another reason for stores to push sales and sell you stuff you don't need but once you turn a certain age there isn't much you can't buy for yourself, right? Pretty much everyone has become 'difficult to buy for' because the price and volume of 'stuff' has decreased the overall value we place on it. Here at Theo, we value stuff. I've said it before and I'll say it again - if you aren't going to love, care for and wear-to-death our clothing, please don't buy it! Harsh but fair? I think so! So much effort, skill and many resources go into our clothing and we really value each product. We pass that value onto you and hope that you're proud to wear something that tells an empowering story! Instead of marking up our prices, we cost our items fairly. We put accurate margins on our products to sustain our business and steer clear of advertising ploys that trick you into impulse buying for yourself or for others.

Our stock only goes on sale in two instances. The first is when we have an odd assortment of sizes left in a style or when a style has not been as popular as we had hoped. In this case the style will go on sale and it will stay on sale until we run out of the stock. The second instance is when we have our bi-annual end of season sales. We only produce two seasons of clothing a year (unlike most fast fashion stores that have new products every week!). When one season is coming to a close we offer a sale to make way for the new stock. The timing is usually around September (for the end of winter, hooray!) and January (for the end of summer, booooo!). (If you're on our VIP Family List you'll get notified first when these sales start. You can join here if you're interested!) Did you know in France, sale season is strictly regulated? That means stores cannot legally do a big sale unless it's within the specified time of year. It prevents products from being priced incorrectly and using sale prices as an advertising advantage. Amazing.

So there's no denying that purchasing at the end of a season can get you a bargain and I'm all for that! The problem is, most chain stores are also all for it but will sell styles that are highly trend-driven and therefore it's unlikely you'll want to wear 'last season's coat' next season. There's nothing wrong with that of course, but they'll likely try to sell you the new season coat anyway when the time comes! Theo clothing isn't driven by trends, so I happily wear styles from two years ago and encourage you to do the same. It means you can buy a jumper at the start of summer and know that it will still be as relevant and beautiful when winter rolls around.

So that's my whinge of the day, now for what to get dad instead! It's not rocket science but I suggest getting him a card. Have a scout around for a card that really reflects your dad. Don't settle for a generic 'that'll do' piece of cardboard, but find something that shows you really know him. You might have to visit a few different stores (small boutiques and Etsy offer great alternatives to big shopping centres!) but put in the effort. Next, sit down and write something that actually means something! There are few things I dislike more than a card that literally says 'Dear Esther, Happy Birthday! From 'x'.' Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate the sentiment to some extent but for the most part, all I'm reading is 'Dear Esther, it's your birthday so I was obligated to get you a card. Either I didn't take the time to think about what to write or I actually don't know you well enough to write something personal so I just wished you a great day. Catch ya.' 

Meaningful cards and gifts take time. They don't take money, the latest version or the biggest size to have meaning. It really is the thought that counts so that means you actually have to think about it! Sit down for however long it takes to write a meaningful card to your dad this Father's Day. Write about what makes your dad unique, how he has influenced you and the way you life your life. Write down a memory you share that is etched into your mind forever and be thankful for the times he has put you before himself. No one is perfect and if memories of your father bring hurt and pain, I challenge you to find gratitude in the midst of it. Maybe instead of your father being your pillar of strength, you can be his. At the end of the day, we all want to feel loved but that's both a cliché and a cryptic concept. I like to think of feeling loved as feeling accepted, being understood and given time. Those are three free things you can give dad this Father's Day (together with your hand written card of course!).

Peace and love,

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