Posted on 25 October 2019

Hi guys! In this video I share a few tips and helpful info about the pre-order that is ending MIDNIGHT tonight (25th October 2019) AND I try on all the styles! Transcript below for details if you can't watch the video.


I hope you find this video helpful for seeing how the new range drapes and wears - video is obviously amazing for showing clothing in real life and how it moves with the body.

The 20% Off will only be valid for 48 hours, so the discount will end on October 25. After this date, I have yet to decide if I will remove all pre-order items, or keep them available, without a discount. (I just haven’t thought that far ahead yet!) Of course, you can order in December when the range is live and all styles are ready to ship, but you won’t receive the 20% discount.


As this is a pre-order, orders placed now will be manufactured over the next few weeks. I expect the range to be ready to ship in the first week of December, so you can expect to receive your order then! (Yes, definitely in time for Christmas!)

As I have encouraged you, Theo garments make wonderful Christmas gifts as you are sharing an ethically produced item that is both practical and aesthetic - something most people are happy to receive! This is a non-threatening way to share the love of sustainable fashion, and to encourage others to think about their buying habits. I will include an information card with each order. Something along the lines of ‘This is more than a beautiful garment, this is supporting makers in Indonesia…’ so if you would like more than one info card, just leave a note in your order and I’ll be happy to share the love.


For reference, I am usually a size 6-8, so an XS-S, I have a AA bust and I’m 165cm tall. I tend to wear X-Small when it comes to fitted garments (especially those involving the bust, because I am very small in the bust and hips), but most of my clothing I wear oversized and therefore prefer a Small. Theo women’s samples are made in size Small, and are usually imperfect, which is also why I wear Small instead of wearing new stock.

One of the styles I would choose to wear XS instead of S would be in the Linen Midi-Dresses. As you will see in the videos, there’s a LOT of room in the bust so an XS would be a better fit. This would also mean my bra would be hidden because the fit would be more snug against my body with less gape.

The model on the website is wearing the exact same garments that I wore, so all in size Small. She is usually a size 8-10, so a Small-Medium, 155cm tall, with a D cup bust. She usually sizes up when it comes to fitted garments, especially around the bust and hips. 

The only garment that I would have recommended Annabelle to size up would be in the Linen Midi Dresses in green and stripe (NOT black). Because she has a D-cup bust, a size Medium would have given her more room across the chest and hips, with more room to use the pockets functionally.

I hope that gives you a good idea of what these garments look like on two different body types and how that I understand that sizing across different labels is always going to be different, and even within labels will vary according to the style and the desired look.

If you can’t decide between two sizes I highly recommend ordering and paying for both. When I fulfil the orders in December I will include a prepaid postage satchel with your order. This way, you can try both sizes on, decide which you prefer, and send the one you don’t want to keep back to me. When I receive the parcel I will issue a full refund so you don’t lose out!


If you couldn’t tell, we were on a very tight schedule with the two amazing models that volunteered their time while vacationing in Bali! (Yes, they agreed to help me shoot while they could have been sipping cocktails by the pool!) So please excuse the lack of suitable underwear (usually a t-shirt bra and nude underwear makes for more flattering visuals). In some of the images Annabelle's bra is showing, but hopefully you can imagine it hidden! While Hudson wears a range of Medium and Large samples, he would easily fit a size Small for Theo garments, and the looks we shot reflect a more oversized fit.


Overall, the response has already been AMAZING! You still have until TONIGHT to place any orders so get onto that if you had anything on your mind! I have unfortunately sold out of the stripe linen... You can read more in my Instagram caption included below. Instagram and Facebook are the best places to get live updates from me so head over if you aren't already in those communities!


"And the stripe has SOLD OUT! Pre-orders for all other styles continues with 20% off (use the code SUMMERLOVING at check out) 'til 5:30 today!!!☀️ Unfortunately this is nature of being a small biz in Bali... When I found this fabric I was assured by the store owner that he had more stock available, so I purchased what he had right then (around 22 metres) and then crunched a few numbers before wanting to place a bigger order.

He received the order and said it would take 2-3 days to get the stock. When I checked back with him, he informed me there was no longer any stock and they wouldn't be making any more!!! I have managed to source a VERY similar linen stripe from one of my other suppliers that will be suitable for the dress, but I'm not 100% sure about using it for pants yet.

So to all who have pre-ordered your striped pants and dresses, they are being sewn especially for you, and are part of an extremely limited run 😂

The 'new' striped dress (in the new stripe fabric) will be released in December but won't be available for pre-order yet, because I have to sew up a new sample and take piccies.

I do apologise that this has happened, but at the same time, I'm really happy that those who were the most keen to get their hands on these pieces have safely placed their orders."

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