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Meet Theo, a Melbourne-born clothing label with a soft spot for sustainability. 

Theo the Label was established in 2016 with the desire to create sweatshop-free staples for the everyday wardrobe.

Founder Esther Kirwan sought peace away from fast-fashion and found herself reaching for the same handful of garments in her wardrobe season after season. This led to the development of her own personal style, very classic and always practical. This eventually overflowed into a simplistic lifestyle, one of less clutter and more time for living. Having studied the complexities of fashion supply chains, ethical manufacturing was a non-negotiable if a label was to come to life, however the small batch approach to production saw limitations in approaching off-shore factories. This limitation gave way to a simple solution - to omit factories completely and work directly with skilled makers.

Makers, otherwise called home workers, in developing countries especially are often oppressed, fighting for payment at the very bottom of the supply chain and hidden from codes of conduct. To work directly with a maker then, would not only allow for fair payment and working conditions but a high degree of transparency, a high degree of face to face conversations able to be passed on to customers with the beauty of online presence. You can meet Theo's makers online here! This idea of growing an appreciation for garment makers together with the benefits of developing a minimalist mindset brought Theo the Label to life. 

Theo's journey is one best shared with our nearest and dearest, so if you're curious about ethical shopping and sustainability, our VIP list is the way to go! Join here for $10 off your very first order and exclusive updates!


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