Made in Bali

Makers are the backbone of this label - no makers = no garments!

Ethical manufacturing is a non-negotiable for Theo, however our small batch approach to production saw barriers in approaching factories in the beginning. This limitation gave way to a simple solution - to omit factories completely and work directly with skilled makers!

Makers, otherwise called home workers, in developing countries especially are often oppressed, fighting for payment at the very bottom of the supply chain and hidden from codes of conduct. To work directly with a maker then, would not only allow for fair payment and working conditions but a high degree of transparency, a high degree of face to face conversations able to be passed on to customers right here!

Theo set out to find independent artisans in countries that are known for systems of poverty and disadvantage, disrupting these limitations and providing a platform for makers to grow their skills and businesses for the benefit of their families and communities.

Theo Makers Kholil & Wiwik

Pictured here is Kholil, his wife Wiwik and their son Dafar. They are Theo's primary makers producing our garments from start to finish in a workshop behind their family home in rural Bali, Indonesia. Most recently, Kholil's brother, Riyadi, has been assisting Kholil with orders, increasing their capacity to produce garments and growing the stability of their business.

While Kholil is naturally shy he has come to understand our reasons for shining the spotlight on him professionally and personally as a way of building relationships with the people wearing the clothes he has made. He's really just a chilled out guy with a hardcore work ethic and mad sewing skills!

By supporting Theo, you can safely say 'I know who made my clothes'  and you are making a bold statement that their work is valued, their livelihood is important and that they matter.


The Theo design team visit Kholil and his family every time a new collection is about to be produced. Below is the latest picture from our trip in February 2017. As you can see, Dafar is growing up way too fast!!!

Kholil Balinese garment makers ethically manufactured

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