Makers are the backbone of this label. No makers = no garments!

Ethical manufacturing is a non-negotiable for Theo however, our small batch approach to production made it difficult to approach factories in the beginning. This limitation gave way to a simple solution - to omit factories completely and work directly with skilled makers! Makers (otherwise called home workers) in developing countries are often oppressed, fighting for payment at the very bottom of the supply chain and hidden from codes of conduct. Factories of all sizes are known to outsource to home-workers without consulting clients when they don't have the capacity to fill orders but don't want to lose business.

By working directly with makers we provide a flexible working arrangement where makers are able to work from home, care for their children and continue living in rural areas rather than moving away from their families and into big cities. Our small production quantities preserve the 'old-school' way of making clothing that values skill over mass production and means each piece has genuinely been created with care. Having face to face conversations regularly and committing to long-term relationships builds trust and transparency at all levels of the supply chain and we get a much more accurate idea of what 'fair pay and working conditions' mean for each individual family because we're constantly having that conversation.

We work with independent makers in countries that are known for systems of poverty and disadvantage. We want to disrupt these limitations and provide a platform for makers to grow their skills and businesses for the benefit of their families and communities. As part of the Theo tribe, you have impacted the makers you're about to meet! To meet the maker of your garment check the "I Made Your Clothes' swing tag attached to your garment. Our maker's names are listed below and you can find out more about them by clicking through!

- Kholil & Wiwik

- Ghandi

- Riyadi

- Swas & Made

- Kadek Ari

- Ajit's Knitwear

- Esther


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