• 3 Layer Face Mask
  • 3 Layer Face Mask
  • 3 Layer Face Mask
  • 3 Layer Face Mask

3 Layer Face Mask

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Hi there! Thanks for your interest in our masks. It is easiest to process our orders here to co-ordinate payment and shipping so thank you for your patience! Please read through the information below so that you understand the terms and conditions of our masks.

$12 per mask is our introductory price for yourself and those who showed early interest! We will be adjusting the price to $14.95 from July 14th to reflect the true cost for us to continue supplying these masks. (We didn't initially intend to include a 3rd layer, or to hand-pull our own cotton string!)

Regular shipping for our site is set to AU$6.90, so please enter the discount code FACEMASK at the check-out, and the shipping will be reduced to $3.30. Masks will be shipped as a large letter with Australia Post or via our courier, depending on the quantity you order. Both typically take 3-4 business days to arrive.

Our masks have 3 layers = 1 layer of synthetic non-woven interfacing (acting as a filter) in between 2 layers of cotton/linen blend fabric.
We selected a linen/cotton blend to achieve a softer final product. 100% linen would have been too porous and 100% cotton we found too stiff, so we compromised with a blend. The synthetic layer in the middle will act as a washable sewn-in filter which you cannot remove.
Instead of using elastic (which is a non-renewable synthetic) we have created our own cotton string which we find more comfortable as well as more eco-friendly.

The dimensions of our masks are the same as common hospital grade disposable ones. They measure 17cm across the face with 17cm loops to go around the ears. They fit most people's faces with a bit of give in the ear-loops. Tim said to write that he has a big head and it still fits him :D

Please note these are not intended for medical use and of course we recommend wearing a mask in addition to social distancing and regular hand washing. This mask does not make you immune to viruses (but we wish it did!).

Care Instructions:
We recommend washing your mask after each use. It seems silly to reuse a dirty mask, so consider having several masks to rotate through the wash. We have tested our masks in a 60 degree machine cycle, but any hotter and you will risk shrinking or damaging the mask.

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